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30-, 40-, and 50-year Shingles

Damaged roofs cost a lot to repair, considering the additional cost from lost utilities and other associated damages. Knowing the condition of your roof is very important in maintaining a roof in good condition. If you don’t know when the roof on your house was installed, you don’t know how long your roof will last in its present condition.

There are key things you need to know about the roof of your house, like, what material your roof is made of, the size and shape of the roofing materials, how and when it was installed, for a better maintenance guide.

You will observe that the roofs of residential houses are generally slanted more sharply to the ground. Building that have no pitch or slant are often the commercial buildings as these have their own drainage system.
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Many or most modern residential roofs are made with asphalt shingles. Slate shingles, while being the top of the line for roofing materials, is too expensive, sometimes being more expensive than the house itself. The only exception to slate shingles is that they will outlive you, and endure up to the time your great grandchildren are all grown up.
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Most households today will not consider spending a lot to put an exorbitant roof on their house. This is the reason why the popularity of asphalt as the roofing material of choice increased, because of slate shingles’ limitations. Though asphalt shingles endure for less number of years, yet it lasts for 50 years without any need of major repair work or replacement. On top of this, repair and maintenance work on asphalt roofs are more affordable compared to slate roofs.

You can find asphalt shingles in three grades: 30-, 40-, and 50-year dimensional.

Considering the same styles of shingles, the 50-year dimensional grade is definitely more expensive than both the 30- and 4-year dimensional. One other difference between the various grades of asphalt shingles is in their appearance or look. A 50-year dimension gives a more elegant look compared to a 30- or 40-year dimension.

It takes a 30-year dimension shingle to last 25 years under normal wear and tear conditions before needing any major repair. However, they are thinner and are not made with as much asphalt as the 40- or 50-year dimensions.

A 40-year shingle will give you 30 years of good use before needing any major repair or replacement. The 40-year dimension contains more than 60% asphalt compared to the 30-year and is therefore cheaper per unit price and durability.

Both 40- and 50-year dimension can give you the same 30 years of good service. 50-year dimensions are made with more asphalt, not for more durability, but for better aesthetic look.